Cea D’Ancona María Ángeles y Valles Martínez Miguel S., eds. 2020. Discriminación múltiple. Medición y acciones antidiscriminatorias. Madrid: Dextra Madrid. 224 p.

  • José A. Oleaga Fundación Begirune, Spain
Keywords: multiple discrimination, intersectionality, antidiscrimination politics


The book by Mª Ángeles Cea D'Ancona and Miguel S. Valles Martínez (eds.) entitled Discriminación múltiple. Medidas y acciones antidiscriminatorias, brings together the most relevant information from their MEDIM II project (Measuring Multiple Discrimination II) and provides interesting and valuable proposals for action for public policies aimed at achieving equal treatment and non-discrimination in Spain. In it, we will find a conceptual reflection on multiple discrimination, as a prior step to the design of methodological strategies for its measurement, which allow us to detect and propose specific anti-discrimination measures. The chapters analyse the role of NGOs of and for immigrants in the institutional and discursive anti-discrimination context (Latin American, Afro and LGTBI cases); the fight against Islamophobia in Paris, London and Madrid; the multiple discrimination suffered by people with mental disorders; data and discriminatory stories related to disability; and the differential health determinants and stories of discrimination of the sons and daughters of immigrants in the Community of Madrid.


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