About the Journal

Focus and Scope

Original cutting-edge scientific works from the interdisciplinary field of human rights, which is transversally related to the fields of Law, Philosophy, Sociology, Anthropology, Political Science and International Relations, etc. are compiled for this purpose. Accordingly, the journal’s aim continues to be facilitation and promotion of reflection and interdisciplinary exchange on human rights research from the academic world as well as from the realms of professional and political activities, social activism, etc.

Publication frequency

The Deusto Journal of HR has been published annually (once a year, in December) since 2016 until 2019. Beginning in 2020, it is published biannually (twice a year): in June (summer issue) and December (winter issue). The submission period remains open all year around.


No charges for manuscript submission, processing, and publication are applicable.

Journal History

Deusto Journal of Human Rights  (DJHR) Revista Deusto de Derechos Humanos, in Spanish — (ISSN 2530-4275; e-ISSN 2603-6002) is published twice a year by the Pedro Arrupe Human Rights Institute at the University of Deusto. It has been published since 2004 under the title of Anuario de Acción Humanitaria y Derechos Humanos/ Yearbook on Humanitarian Action and Human Rights  (ISSN 1885-298X). During this time, the interdisciplinary approach of its 13 issues has examined humanitarian intervention and human rights in a broader sense.

As of 2016, following renewal of its content and structure, the journal is embarking on a new stage with the aim of becoming a benchmark for periodical publications on human rights in Spain and the international scene.