Las leyes no escritas del Islam. La Shari’ah en el marco internacional de los derechos humanos

  • Roberto Vila Sexto
Keywords: Islam, Shari’ah, Human Rights, fundamentalism, legal system, women


This article tries to concisely analyse in what Islamic Law consists, that is to say, Shari’ah or God’s path, while analyzing at the same time the causes that make Islam a mosaic of behaviors. The study will also focus on the relevance that should be given to the struggle to de-stigmatize Muslim culture nowadays, as the first step towards the improvement of the relations between the East and the West.

Published online: 11 December 2017


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Roberto Vila Sexto
Máster en Acción Internacional Humanitaria
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Vila Sexto, Roberto. 2017. “Las Leyes No Escritas Del Islam. La Shari’ah En El Marco Internacional De Los Derechos Humanos”. Deusto Journal of Human Rights, no. 2 (December), 179-94.