Pando Ballesteros, María de la Paz y Elizabeth Manjarrés Ramos. 2023. El derecho a la paz y sus desarrollos en la historia. Valencia: Tirant lo Blanch. 241 p.

  • Encarnación La Spina University of Deusto, Spain
Keywords: peace, history, human rights, the culture of peace, peace studies


Peace is a keystone for achieving sustainable development and progress in our societies around the international community. The need to study and discuss on peace, in times as convulsive as nowadays, requires reviewing the historical construction and the concept note of peace, the analytical category detached from war or conflicts or its articulation as a third generation right, placing value on the actors’ view, the culture of peace and its theoretical developments in a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary sense. This is the starting point of this collective publication’s approach "The right to peace and its developments in history" carried out by the "History of Human Rights" research group of the University of Salamanca, coordinated by Professors Dr. María de la Paz Pando and Dr. Elizabeth Manjarrés Ramos.


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La Spina, Encarnación. 2023. “Pando Ballesteros, María De La Paz Y Elizabeth Manjarrés Ramos. 2023. El Derecho a La Paz Y Sus Desarrollos En La Historia. Valencia: Tirant Lo Blanch. 241 P. ”. Deusto Journal of Human Rights, no. 11 (June), 189-94.
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