La Educación y la infancia: motores para el futuro de Angola

  • Silvia Crespo Expósito
Keywords: Angola, Rights of the Child, Human Rights, Right to Education, child soldiers, armed conflict


The war in Angola finished two years ago, nevertheless, the destruction it caused is still latent and is more present than ever. There are several challenges to the future developments of the country, being the Education of Angolan children the most significant one. The aim of this essay is to present and analyse the current situation of Angola in terms of Childhood and Education. For that, we will address the conflict and point out its consequences, giving special attention to those that directly affected Angolan children. Secondly, the study will indicate some of the violations of the Rights of the Child that have taken place: violation of the right to life, right to food and the right to physical integrity, along with one of the direct consequences of these violations, the deprivation of the Right to Education. Then, we will present the reinsertion and minor demobilization proposals of the Angolan government, and finally, we will try to find out which is the role played by Education in government agenda and the will of the government to comply with it.

Published online: 11 December 2017


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Silvia Crespo Expósito
Máster en Acción Internacional Humanitaria
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Crespo Expósito, Silvia. 2017. “La Educación Y La Infancia: Motores Para El Futuro De Angola”. Deusto Journal of Human Rights, no. 2 (December), 195-214.