Contribución de Intermón Oxfam a la seguridad de las poblaciones civiles: incorporación de protección como eje trasversal en las respuestas humanitarias

  • Pilar Duch
Keywords: protection, humanitarian, cross-cutting axis, risk analysis, safe programs, advocacy, coordination


After a brief introduction about the debate on the role of humanitarian NGOs non mandatory on protection of civilians, the article points out the commitment of IO, an organization with a rights approach and member of Oxfam, to contribute to the protection of civilians through the incorporation of protection mainstreaming in its humanitarian programs. With this objective, the organization has set a framework on protection, strategies and tools. The risk analysis methodology enables to collect all the necessary information. IO uses three strategies to incorporate protection into their programs: 1 - Adapt programs to keep people safe, two-coordinate action with other agencies; 3 - “Advocacy.”

Published online: 11 December 2017


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Pilar Duch
Gestora Implementación Programa Desarrollo Acción Humanitaria (PDAH), Intermón Oxfam.
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Duch, Pilar. 2017. “Contribución De Intermón Oxfam a La Seguridad De Las Poblaciones Civiles: Incorporación De protección Como Eje Trasversal En Las Respuestas Humanitarias”. Deusto Journal of Human Rights, no. 7 (December), 33-42.