Desafíos a la seguridad y protección de los trabajadores humanitarios. El compromiso de los donantes

  • Ignacio Martín Eresta
Keywords: protecting humanitarian workers, donors, humanitarian space, access to humanitarian aid, security, international humanitarian law, the European Consensus, Good Humanitarian Donorship, policy measures


The safety of humanitarian workers is a basic premise for the access of victims of disasters to aid; both international humanitarian law and other national and international legal measures specifically protect them. But this security is gradually deteriorating in increasingly complex scenarios, where organizations face those adopting different strategies that combine acceptance, protection and deterrence. The operational challenges are structured on personnel policies, the degree of development and operational integration plans and systems, and operational practices of each organization. In this context, donors have made commitments to the explicit defense policy of humanitarian space and access to affected populations, basically around the Good Humanitarian Donorship, and the European Consensus on humanitarian aid at the EU level. The recent Spanish public policy illustrates some of these commitments.

Published online: 11 December 2017


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Author Biography

Ignacio Martín Eresta
Consultor independiente, Jefe de la Oficina de Acción Humanitaria de la Agencia Española de Cooperación Internacional de 2008 a 2010.
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