Voices in transition

  • Alessio Surian University of Padova
Keywords: cultural diversity, home-school transition, integration indicators


The paper reports about the initial results exploratory studies focusing on cultural diversity in secondary schools as experienced by those students who are perceived by fellow classmates as “migrant” students and by society as “second generation” immigrants. The research is based upon data gathered in the Veneto and Emilia Romagna (Italy) regions through focus groups and in-depth interviews with “migrant” secondary school students (representing 4% of the total secondary students population) and their families highlighting what type of transition across cultural contexts is being performed by “migrant” students, who are the key institutions and educational roles that have an influence on such transition and what are they issues at stake in adapting to the demands of the various cultural contexts. The qualitative data are related to the potential contribution of the educational curriculum in terms of the development of young people relevant intercultural competences and by analyzing the specific policies in this field promoted by the various youth and educational agencies and institutions and the specific demands of organisations involving “migrant” students. Focus group and in-depth interviews indicate that “migrant” students are facing serious “integration” difficulties and that in the short run it is unlikely that secondary schools will provide adequate opportunities for voicing their transition strategies leaving a key role to youth groups and associations in elaborating transition strategies and in shaping and voicing young people needs and abilities for participation in social life.

Published online: 11 December 2017


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Alessio Surian, University of Padova
FISPPA Department, University of Padova (Italy).
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