Persiguiendo la utopía. Medios de comunicación Mapuche y la construcción de la utopía del Wallmapu

Elisa García Mingo


In recent years, the demand for collective rights of the Mapuche people has increased. This has taken place in a global context in which alternative media have become effective tools for empowering vulnerable communities. Mapuche peoploe have fractured the «media landscape» in order to make their voices hearable, making their claims included in the (inter)national political agendas (inter) and transforming the conventional representation that mainstream media offer of the Mapuche subjetcs. This article offers a reflection emanating from an ethnographic work conducted in southern Chile in 2012 and pays attention to the place of indigenous media in the pro-indigenous rights struggle of the Mapuche mouvement and the importance of media in the constructiones and enhancement of the utopia of returning to the Mapuche Country as a political project.

Published online: 11 December 2017


Mapuche Indigenous People; utopia; indigenous rights; indigenous media; media activism; politics of representation

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