Unveiling the right to self-transformation and self-enhancement: exploring Transhumanism and its impact on human rights and the future of humanity

Keywords: advanced technologies, transhumanism, human enhancement, self-transformation, human rights, humanity


The time to discuss, contemplate and philosophize about Transhumanism has inevitably come. Thanks to technology which continues to transform human lives in enormous ways. The length at which technology can go, and how far it can take humans is what transhumanism as a philosophy aims to explore. The significance of studying transhumanism lies not in personal beliefs but in the necessity to confront the profound questions surrounding technology’s influence on human life. Understanding transhumanism has become crucial in the contemporary world because radical transformations through technology are already underway. Consequently, contemplating transhumanism prompts critical thinking about the trajectory of humanity in the face of advancing technology. This exploration raises fundamental questions about the protection of human rights in an era where individuals are willing to undergo radical transformations. An intriguing question emerges about the reception of transhumanism: Could or should it be considered a right to which individuals may be entitled?

Received: 22 May 2023
Accepted: 18 November 2023


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