Vicente Díaz, Martha Roxana. 2018. El sentido de lo alternativo en la economía solidaria: La experiencia de Yomol A’tel. Cuadernos Deusto de Derechos Humanos 92. Bilbao: Universidad de Deusto

  • Raquel Ortiz-Ledesma University of Deusto, Spain
Keywords: solidarity economy, social transformation, qualitative analysis


The work (titled) “The meaning of the alternative in the solidarity economy: The experience of Yomol A'tel” aims to provide- from a qualitative approach- a deeper understanding of the case of the solidarity enterprise Yomol A'tel; an organization that has worked for several years with an excluded group in Chiapas, Mexico. This academic effort focusses on the project team members, from a narrative perspective that captures and conveys their perceptions, and allows us to analyze the impact of Yomol A'tel project in terms of social transformation.  


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Ortiz-Ledesma, Raquel. 2021. “Vicente Díaz, Martha Roxana. 2018. El Sentido De Lo Alternativo En La economía Solidaria: La Experiencia De Yomol A’tel. Cuadernos Deusto De Derechos Humanos 92. Bilbao: Universidad De Deusto”. Deusto Journal of Human Rights, no. 7 (June), 181-87.
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