Guatemala ante la encrucijada

  • Emma Fernández Rupérez
Keywords: Guatemala, armed conflict, democracy, peace accords, compromise, law, institutions


After 34 years of armed conflict, Guatemala signed in 1996 the Peace accords that laid the foundations for the transformation of Guatemala. Seven years after the signing of peace, a great deal of the compromises adopted by the government and guerrillas haven’t been fulfilled, and none of the two governments that have taken power has showed the due political will to fill with content institutions and laws. Democracy in Guatemala is a democracy in paper. After the elections that took place the 9th of November, it is still to be seen if the new incoming government will be able to handle the harsh reality and the challenges to be met. The disturbing result of the elections does not suggest a promising future for Guatemala in short or long term.

Published online: 11 December 2017

Author Biography

Emma Fernández Rupérez
Licenciada en Derecho y Máster en Ayuda Internacional Humanitaria. Observadora de Derechos Humanos en MINUGUA (misión de verificación de Naciones Unidas en Guatemala).
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