Estatus jurídico político de los pueblos indígenas del Perú: perspectivas del modelo de Estado Constitucional de Derecho

Mercedes Manríquez Roque


This article carries out an approach to the constitutional evolution of the rights of the indigenous peoples of the Peru. Also, examines how much it has advanced in the establishment of the guarantees of the cultural plurality of the indigenous peoples; in particular, the relative to the recognition of the cultural diversity of the Nation, the juridical-political status of the indigenous peoples, the protection of the territorial rights and the plural justice. Likewise, analyzes the demands of constitutionalization of rights of the Andean and Amazon indigenous peoples, and the juridical-political barriers that have not allowed the statement of their rights in the national legal system until the moment. Lastly, makes a critical reflection on the perspective of the rights of the indigenous peoples, starting from the indigenous perception on the statement of their rights and their vision on the constitutionalization of their rights in the context of the Latin American constitutionalism of the multicultural constitutionalism toward the constitutionalism plurinational.

Published online: 11 December 2017


nation state; indigenous peoples; constitutional law and cultural diversity

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