La protección y búsqueda de soluciones duraderas para las personas desplazadas internamente

Cristina Churruca Muguruza


Internally displaced persons are essentially internal refugees, persons who would have been considered refugees if they crossed an international border. Concern for human rights of displaced people is part of the context of a growing recognition of the need to address the protection of civilians in armed conflict. But there is widespread ignorance about what it means protection. The protection of IDPs is addressed from the analysis of the concept of protection from a rights-based approach. The protection of IDPs, ultimately involves ensuring that they can resume a normal life by achieving a durable solution. However, although there have been advances in the normative and conceptual process of finding durable solutions, the existence of at least 40 countries with people in protracted displacement means that the IDPs are still marginalized in the process of peace building. In this article, it is proposed that existing conceptual difficulties explain the limited attention given to this problem.

Published online: 11 December 2017


internal displaced people; protection; durable solutions to displacement; peace building; human rights

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