La coordinación en el enfoque de recuperación temprana en contextos de desastres naturales

Andrea L. Ferrari Romero


This paper is the summary of a brief master dissertation. The subject and the study issue chosen arise from the need to understand and, at the same time, give, a solution for two longtime existing challenges for the humanitarian community: the coordination of humanitarian assistance and the transition from the emergency to development. This research’s focus is the coordination in the early recovery approach of the United Nations Organization within natural disaster contexts. Not only the coordination model and structure are analyzed, but also the pending challenges and issues were investigated. This paper tries to compile the points of view of the Non-Governmental Organizations, given that they are the key actors in this paper’s success. In conclusion, it presents a series of recommendations, which improve the efficiency of the coordination of this new approach.

Published online: 11 December 2017


early recovery; coordination of humanitarian assistance; transition from the emergency assistance to rehabilitation and development; natural disasters; NGO

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