La Educación Intercultural Bilingüe desde la perspectiva de los indígenas de la Amazonía Peruana

Silvia Ordóñez Ganoza


This article critically analyzes the evolutions of the Bilingual Intercultural Education —BIE— system in Peru by taking into account the perspectives of the indigenous peoples of the Peruvian Amazon. The research is based on data gathered from a number of interviews made to indigenous persons. Due to the nature of the topic we gave preference to the opinion of the indigenous peoples that are linked to the education system. Thus, first, this article offers a short description of the State regulation of the Peruvian BIE, which includes the State institutions linked to the bilingual intercultural education. Second, the methodology used in this work is presented. Third, the factors that influenced the opinion of the indigenous interviewees about the Bilingual Intercultural Education are analyzed. Fourth, the article focuses on the opinions of the interviewees. Finally, a number of necessary conditions to improve the Bilingual Intercultural Education are advanced.

Published online: 11 December 2017


indigenous; bilingual intercultural education; regional government

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