Bolivia, élite sectorial chola y élite política: las ambivalencias de su relación

Fran Espinoza


One of the effects of the rise of the new political elite is the visibility of new sectoral elites. These new elites had been absent from the political, economic and social landscape due to the old power dynamics between the “white elite” and the State which resulted to the historical exclusion of the popular sectors. The new sectoral elite which emerged with the revolution of 1952, was favored by the elites´ replacement of 2006. In the current context of the ‘change process’ and of the partial disappearance of the old social stratification, the new elites have initiated their process of wealth accumulation. However, due to the sectoral interests that each elite represents, their relations are marked by continuous ambivalences.

Published online: 11 December 2017


Bolivia; State; new elites; chola sectoral elite; networks; smuggling

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