Memorias reñidas: ¿reconciliación posible? Reflexiones sobre la violencia política, el terrorismo de estado y las perspectivas de reconciliación en Argentina

Cecilia Carolina Delaney


A reflection on political violence, state terrorism and reconciliation perspectives in current Argentina, brings up the issue of revising the meanings of violence in order to demarcate different interpretations of the past and the juridical correlates in which those interpretations are expressed. These interpretations of the past are conceived as eminently fragmentary and installed in the political debate that takes place in a historically contingent manner. Thus, the perspectives for reconciliation revolve around this debate, while the appropriateness of the term, widely used in the existing literature on peace studies and conflict resolution, and in the programming of governmental and non-governmental organizations, should be critically discussed inside the framework of analysis of the Argentinian experience.

Published online: 11 December 2017


Argentina; political violence; state terrorism; reconciliation; peace studies; conflict resolution

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